Funü zazhi
No. 010 (30 September, 1926)
Page: 066 (162 total)

北京婦女之生活 - The life of women in Beijing

Subject matters: 散文 - prose,
Language level: Baihua

Keywords: entertainment, children, art, profession/work, women's education, economics, prostitution/debauched women, the state of Chinese womanhood, psychology, Physiology, customs , attire, clothing, dress, agriculture, evolution,

(mentioned in article)
刘喜奎 Liu Xikui (mentioned in article)
宋化歐 Song Huaou (Author)
李桂芬 Li Guifen (mentioned in article)
柏拉圖 Bolatu (mentioned in article)
老子 Lao Zi (mentioned in article)