Funü zazhi
No. 008 (31 July, 1926)
Page: 094 (166 total)

西洋造園法論 - Western methods of garden design

Subject matters: 新知 - new knowledge, 散文 - prose,
Language level: Baihua

Keywords: Garden, beauty, architecture, design,

密而登 Mierdeng (mentioned in article)
鄒盛文 Zou Shengwen (Author)

曲折道路兩旁混植叢樹法 - Methods of mix planting trees on both sides of the winding road

Subject matters: Illustration,
Medium: Line drawing

Function: Related to Article/Ad

佃閣女士的篆刻/ 白雲青山 - Mrs. Diange s seal cutting/ White clouds and green mountains

Subject matters: Artwork,
Medium: Seal

Function: Stand-alone

Keywords: death,