No. 099 (14 June, 1933)
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第六對銀幕上的大情人: 瑪琳黛菊絲、克萊夫布洛克。Marlene Dietrich, Olive Brook - The Sixth Great Couple on the Screen: Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook.

Subject matters: Portrait-1-2 figures,
Medium: Photograph-Monochrome

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Additional information:
The actor's name was misprinted on the page. It should be "Clive Brook", not "Olive Brook." Corrected in the English translation and Person Names. --Sun

Keywords: stars, movies, Love,

(depicted on image, mentioned in caption, mentioned in caption, mentioned in caption)
Brook, Clive (depicted on image)
克萊夫布洛克 Kelaifu Buluoke (mentioned in caption)
瑪琳黛菊絲 Malin Daijusi (mentioned in caption)