Funü zazhi
No. 008 (31 July, 1916)
Pages available: 1 - 172 (172 total)
婦女雜誌第二卷第八號 The Ladies' Journal volume 2 number eight
宋徽宗畫白鷹Song Hui Zhong painting of a white eagle
管夫人墨蹟Rubbing of Guan Furen's inscription
山陰胡王詠緗之玉照Photograph of Wang Yongxiang at Shan yin hu
理想中之消夏灣(其一)In the midst of the last ideal days of summer, on the water
理想中之消夏灣(其二)In the midst of the last ideal days of summer, on the water
盛競存女士小影Photograph of Mrs. Sheng Jingcun
俄國皇后及公主為病院中傷兵看護圖Russian empress and head of the hospital visit injured soldiers
上海南洋女子師範及旅滬公學旅行湖州攝影Class photograph of Shanghai Nanyang Normal Girls' school with visitors to Shanghai from the public school students from Huzhou
社說Editorial [title page]
學藝門Learning and skills [title page]
家政門Home economics [title page]
記迷門Records [title page]
蒙古旅店外之客車Wagons outside of a hotel in Mongolia
萬里長城The Great Wall
凱格??登舟情狀Getting on a boat
(河熱) 湖之中宮行/ 鹿班之中園Palace on the lake/ deer in the garden
普魯案寺Puluan temple
普泰拉寺Potala palace
韃靼將軍所遣之衛兵Tartar army base
灤河中之舟Boat on the Luan river
中外大事記Accounts of events in China and overseas [title page]
人民/法令/縣長People/ magistrate/laws (diagram of government)
國文範作exemplary essays [title page]
文范 Literary garden [title page]
小說 Fiction [title page]
雜俎Miscellaneous collection [title page]
餘興Entertainment [title page]
第一圖Figure one
第二圖Figure two
第三圖Figure three
第四圖Figure four
Dr. Williams' pills for pale people