No. 059 (20 July, 1932)
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?雪瓊女士Ms ? Xueqiong
黑與白Black and white
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利華皂粉Lux soap powder
常識Common knowledge
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法律顧問Legal Counsel
長珠鏈 何麗明女士的新裝Long pearl necklace, the new dress of Ms He Liming
公部局女子中學表演Sylvia之又一幕One scene of Sylvia performed by the girls' school of the Public Sector Bureau
菲律賓華僑第一女學校表演歌舞之女生The students from the Number one Chinese girls' school in the Philippines singing and dancing
新和洋行職員呂禮女士Ms Lu Li, the office worker from Xinhe foreign company
陳華女士的畢業服裝The graduation attire of Ms Chen Hua
女思想家A woman thinker
貝綺霞女士的笑容The smile of Ms Bei Qixia
南海佳人 南洋?立海濱消夏圖A picture of a beauty of the South China Sea ? standing in water and spending her summer
一對小兄妹Little elder brother and younger sister
小寶寶 (前湖北建設所長方達智之女公子)A baby (the daughter of Fang Dazhi, the former chief of Hubei Construction Bureau)
漢口育賢學校教員之公子鵬飛Pengfei, the son of a teacher at Yuxian school in Hankou
夏天的生活 [三圖]Life in summer
游泳之前[二圖]Before swimming
健而美的黎莉莉女士The healthy and beautiful Ms Li Lili
環球新片"夜間世界"之一幕One scene in "Night World", the new film from Universal Picture
沙莉曼姿莎Sari Maritza
嘉寶第三之泰露蘭賓特Tallulah Bankhead, the third "Garbo"
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
輕巧聽筒Handy earphones
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管俏貞生前小影Photo of Guan Qiaozhen before her death
作者鄭馥珮女士The auther Ms Zheng Fupei
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明星公司新片"慈母"之一幕One scene in "Loving Mother", the new film of the Star company
德國烏發公司女明星露茜巴宋妮Luxi Basongni, the female star from the german company "Dark Hair"