Funü zazhi
No. 011 (31 October, 1918)
Pages available: 1 - 158 (158 total)
讀王卓民君大學不宜男女同校商兌 原論載本雜誌本年卷五號
家庭藥物學(續)Household Pharmacology (continued)
衣服之衛生學的研究Reasearch on hygiene of clothing
最新學說 肥滿法Newest theories: Obesity methods
痔瘻之新療法譯婦人世界New therapies for hemorrhoids
菊花栽培法Method for cultivating chrysanthemums
新食譜(續)New recipes (continued)
心疾療治法問答(續)Questions and answers about methods of treating heart disease (continued)
金魚飼養法(附圖六)譯美國婦女雜誌Methods for breeding goldfish (with six images) Translated from American's Ladies Journal magazine
小兒疾病治療法(續)Pediatric disease treatment methods (continued)
家政Home economics
說家庭之趣味Discussing fun for the family
家屋消毒法Disinfecting the home
小學生之齒牙病譯美國衛生雜誌Dental diseases in students translated from American Hygiene magazine
余意中之新家庭New household
嬰兒的哺乳法Methods of nursing new borns
孕婦問答Questions and answers about being pregnant
洗濯盤碟與銷除黴菌之關係譯美國母範雜誌Relationship between washing dishes and [the] elimination [of] bacterium Translated from American model mother magazine
意大利之女學生Italian female students
世界之大勢與婦人之活動World wide general trends and [the] women's movement
歐戰與各交戰國婦人之真相(續四卷九號)The truth of WWI and the belligerent countries' women (continued from vol. 4 issue 9)
書唐烈女Tang writings on chaste woman
朱醉六妻褚夫人墓志銘Epitaph for Mrs. Zhu Zuiliu wife of Chu
黎母王孺人墓志銘Epitaph for wife Li Muwang
陳烈女行[The] conduct [of] chaste woman Chen
歐戰小說英雄之魂(附圖一)European War fiction: The ghost of a hero (with one image)
家庭小說: 三婦鑑Fiction from the home: Reflections of three women
兒童小說: 鏡中月Children's fiction: the moon in a mirror
哀梨記彈詞(續)Remembering a lament to a pear (tan ci) (continued)
維摩寺遊記Travelogue from Weimo temple
維摩寺遊記Travelogue from Weimo temple
維摩寺遊記Travelogue from Weimo temple
女學生之責任The responsibilites of female students
張公藝陳競合論Discussion of Zhang Gongyi Chen Jinghe
詩四首Four poems
雜俎Miscellaneous collection
鏡臺螺屑(續)Snail crumbs on dressing table (continued)
童話 貪丐(附圖一)Fairytale (with one image)
猜數遊戲Guessing game
益智板故事圖(附圖十)Story in pictures using puzzle pieces