Funü zazhi
No. 005 (30 April, 1918)
Pages available: 1 - 168 (168 total)
為婢女養媳前妻子女乞命文As the maid, raising the former wife's daughter beggar Mingwen
論吾國大學尚不宜男女同校Disussion on Chinese universities still not being co-educational
鼠之研究Study of rats
癯庵食譜(續)Recipes from the Lean Hut (continued)
美容談(續)Chats on beauty (continued)
蝨與臭蟲Lice and bedbugs
新達生篇(續)New Da Sheng publication (continued)
婦女十五分鐘體操(續)15 minute workout for women (continued)
髮之保育法(續)Methods of protecting hair (continued)
家庭藥物學(續)Household Pharmacology (continued)
第六感Sixth sense
不消化症治療法Indigestion: disease and treatment
人種改良與父母教育Eugenics and parents' education
兒童問題之解決(續)Solving children's problems (continued)
家庭看護學(續)The study of home nursing (continued)
小兒玩具之審擇法Methods of examining and choosing children's toys
住宅與運動場譯美國母範雜誌Residences and playgrounds translation from America's model mother magazine
施行早教育之注意Notice to pay attention to early implementation of education
印度女界近聞節譯大陸報Indian women in recent news, translation from Continential newspaper
經蕙貞女士傳Biography of Mrs. Jing Huizhen
薔薇花語Language of roses
二商事見蒲留仙聊齋誌異Two trades selected from Liao Zhai Zhi Yi (collection of fiction)
怪客A strange guest
軍人之妻(續)A soldier's wife (continued)
同心梔彈詞(續)Concentric gardenia verse (continued)
本校十二週紀念會錄序This schools twelfth anniversary commemoration, a brief record.
屠蒯論Discussion on massacre
讀沈雲英傳書後After reading Chen Yunying's biography
業精於勤論Discussion on 'having a good command of something through diligent study'
亡姪女傳略Biography of a deceased niece
動物報仇談(續三卷六號)Discussion of the revenge of the animals
兒童益智畫Puzzle pictures for children
童話 一文錢Fairytale: a penny
風俗畫Pictures of customs
通信問答Letters: questions and answers