Funü zazhi
No. 005 (30 April, 1926)
Pages available: 1 - 158 (158 total)
兩大特價Two books on sale
審音度曲Shen yin duo qu
因患便閉致發紅瘰Red spots due to constipation
嬰孩自己藥片之奇功Amazing effects of Baby s Own tablets
桂格麥片Quaker oats
孩童之意旨最真Children s will is the sincerest
必素定牙膏Pepsodent toothpaste
柯達正光鏡頭Kodak s anastigmatic lens
何達華氏嬰孩腹痛水Woodward s Gripe water keeps baby well
保齒禦病牙刷Prophylactic toothbrush
回天有術Treatment is possible
中西醫書Books on Chinese and Western medicine
婦女叢書Book series on women
德國蔡司廠新製銀罩返光燈German Zeiss factory s new silver-cover, reflected-light lamps
通俗醫書Popular medical books
浙江興業銀行The National Commercial Bank of Zhejiang
種德園各種良藥All kinds of good medicine produced by Zhong de yuan
橡皮底運動鞋Sports shoes with rubber soles
教育雜誌/ 學生雜誌/ 英文雜誌/ 小說月報Education Magazine/ Students Quarterly Journal/ English Magazine/ Fiction Monthly Magazine
摺扇/ 紈扇Folding fans/ Holding fans
徵求美術專號Wanting magazines on the special issue on art
東方雜誌The Eastern Miscellany
努力Working hard
徵求美術專號Wanting magazines on the special issue on art
新書New books
少年雜誌/ 自然界/ 民鐸雜誌/ 學藝雜誌Youth Magazine/ Nature/ The People's Tocsin/ Skill Learning Magazine
日常用書Books for daily life
九月號徵文Call for papers issue 9
醫學小叢書Book series on medicine