Funü zazhi
No. 003 (28 February, 1926)
Pages available: 1 - 164 (164 total)
兩大特價Two books on sale
業餘的好伴侶Good companions of spare time
教育叢書Book series on education
教育叢著Book series on education
人生之煩惱Trouble of life
為母親所鍾愛者For the mother s loved one
浙江興業銀行The National Commercial Bank of Zhejiang
畫像祕法The secret methods of painting portraits
種德園各種良藥All kinds of good medicine produced by Zhong de yuan
棕欖香皂/ 婦女均歡迎樂用Palmolive soap/ Women all like using it
污暗之齒牙使成潔白Make dark teeth clean and white
柯達自寫特色Kodak s self-recording feature
保齒禦病牙刷Prophylactic toothbrush
《獨立青年》第三期要目Independent Youth, table of contents, issue 3
《獨立評論》第四五期合刊要目Independent Commentary, table of contents, combined issues 4 and 5
智力勇High intelligence
青年教育專號Special issue on youth education
女子讀物Readings for women
《學生雜誌》《英文雜誌》《小說月報》《少年雜誌》Students Quarterly Journal/ The English Student/ Fiction Monthly Magazine/ Youth Magazine
婦女叢書Book series on women
《民鐸雜誌》《學藝雜誌》《自然界》《社會學》The People's Tocsin Magazine/ Xueyi Magazine/Nature/ Sociology
日常用書Books for daily life
衛生要籍Important books on hygiene
中學適用音樂書Music books for middle school students
新書New books
外埠採購圖書文具之唯一捷逕The only way to purchase books and stationery out of town
中學國語文科補充讀本Supplementary reading materials of art subjects in the Chinese language for middle-school
湯佩琳女士紀念冊徵文啓事Call for essays for Mrs. Tang Peilin s commemorative album
徵求婦女雜誌Wanting the Ladies Journal
孕育中的愛之專號Speicial issue on love in preparation