Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1918)
Pages available: 1 - 178 (178 total)
小說月報Short Story Magazine
商務印書館精印 屏 聯 堂 幅Commercial Press Fine printed hang scrolls and couplets
日用百科全書Daily encyclopedia
民國八年春季開學轉瞬即屆學界公鉴Republican era spring semester will start in a blink of an eye, record of public education
英漢合璧 小說業刊A harmonious match English-Chinese Fiction industry publication
民國八年春季最適用之英文書The most suitable English book for the spring of the eighth year of Republican Era
係婦女所最難堪之疾苦Relating to the most embarrassing difficulties for women
家中有患病小孩否Do you have an ill child at home?
商務印書館附設函授學社英文科Commercial Press associated correspondance school English study society
New Shipment of Medical Books
上海商務印書館發行Commerical Press
珂羅版朱子註論稿語墨蹟High quality Collotype (of) Zhu Zi's famous calligraphy annotations of the Analects
美國工商發達史History of American industry and commerce
徵集聯語略例Call for examples of linked-verses/ some examples
上海商務書館發行Commerical press
上海商務印書館發行Publications by the Commerical Press