Funü zazhi
No. 009 (31 August, 1916)
Pages available: 1 - 168 (168 total)
女子必讀之書Must reads for women
教育叢書Collected books, eduction section
英文雜誌 English Journal vol. two issue 9
英語週刊English weekly
欲修英文者English books
新到運動用品Newly arrived sports equipment
教育部審定手工平面物標本Samples of handmade math tools approved by Ministry of Education
家庭教育之利器Useful tools for household education
各種地圖Various maps
東方雜誌 十三卷第九號出版 Eastern Miscellany vol. 13 no. 9 published
作文之良好模範:初學作文教授書四冊A good example of composition: textbooks for beginners, 4 volumes
辭源The origin of words
小說月報七卷第八號出版 Fiction monthly vol. seven number eight
畫片大徵集Collection of images
蠶業學校最適用之書製絲教科書The most applicable book for silk industry school
自製蠶學用器Homemade silkworm production instruments
古今說部叢書/香豔叢書Ancient and modern fiction series/Romantic collection
儀俠效順記/筠嬢遺恨記/玉光傳Records of martial artists/Record of Mother Jun's grudge /Biography of Wang Guan
教育雜誌/學生雜誌/少年雜誌Education review /Student Magazine/ Youth magazine
The Ladies' Journal
戰爭輿進化/發明輿文明/開戰時之德意志Evolution and warfare/Invention and culture/ Start of war in Germany
韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People