Funü Shibao
No. 016 (01 February, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 134 (134 total)
婦女們的靈驗品/ 總發行所上海四馬路五洲大藥房Efficacious [medicine] for women/ Distributor Wuzhou pharmacy at Simalu, Shanghai
凡已曾娶妻者請勿遺此篇/佛山婦女產後失調治癒/ 韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸能令婦女康健安樂Whoever has a wife should not miss this notice/ The postpartum irregular symptoms of a Foshan woman were cured/ Dr. Williams Pink Pills for Pale People can make women healthy and happy
中將湯/ 果然應驗/ 第一品了The Chujoto Tsumura: [It] really works/ [It is a] first-rate product
上海安衛生西法鑲牙所Shanghai A. Wilson Dentist (Using Western methods of dentistry)
固髓汁/ 血中血/ 益肺露Medicine for bone/ Medicine for blood/ Medicine for lung
商務印書館發行/ 女子修身教科書教授法/高等小學女子修身教科書詳解/通俗實用家計簿記教科書Published by Commercial Press/ Textbook on self-cultivation for women/ teaching guide/ Easy and practical/ textbook on household budgeting and book-keeping
珂羅版印敦煌石室秘寶Treasures inside the caves at Dunhuang, printed by collotype
時報餘興部編輯/ 餘興/ 上海有正書局發行Edited by the department of Yuxing at “The Eastern Times”/ Yuxing/ Published by Shanghai Youzheng bookstore
六大特色/ 中華民國唯一日刊/ 時報The six characteristics of Eastern Times/ The only daily in the Republic of China/ Eastern Times
無師自通/婦女必備之技能/ 學習裁縫之捷徑Self-taught/ a necessary skill for women/ a shortcut to learn tailoring and sewing
各學校鑒/習字之好模範To all schools: good exemplary calligraphy
到民影照相Please come to have photos taken at the Minying photo studio
中日德法英/ 五國語言合璧Chinese, Japanese, German, French, English/ Five national languages in one
北宋拓麓山寺碑Northern Song copy of the ink rubbings of the stone inscriptions at Lushan temple
奉贈儲蓄票/ 上海望平街有正書局總發行所啟Bank saving coupons to be given away/ Announcement of Youzheng bookstore at Wangping Street in Shanghai
石谷生平第一精品/ 臨宋元十二景The best work of [Wang] Shigu/ Copies of twelve landscpaes in Song and Yuan paintings
中堂屏片/ 廳堂陳設送禮美品Horizontal scrolls/ Great for decorating rooms and as gifts
行草大字典Dictionary of running and grass scripts
平等閣筆記Jottings from the Pingdeng study
新驚鴻影/每冊三元New photographs of [graces of Shanghai]/ three dollars each
美術家惠鑒/ 有正書局啟To artists [and art lovers]/ from Youzheng bookstore
原本紅樓夢/ 原本聊齋誌異Original copy of Dream of Red Chamber/ Original copy of Strange Tales from a Rustic Studio
有正書局精印各種碑帖目錄Catalogue of finely printed ink rubbings published by Youzheng Bookstore
有正書局精印各種碑帖目錄Catalogue of finely printed ink rubbings published by Youzheng Bookstore
美影新式鏡框開幕New-style picture frames now available
大對聯/ 上海有正書局發行Large scrolls of poetic couplet/ published by Youzheng bookstore of Shanghai
平等閣詩話Notes on poetry from the Pingdeng Study
兜安氏秘製保腎丸乃世界著名治腎專藥患者試之Doans backache kidney pills is a world famous medicine for curing kidney disease/ People with symptoms should try it