Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1929)
Page: 016 (196 total)

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廣東女子師範學校的運動家曾得全省田徑賽錦標攝影 Photos of the athletes from Guangdong girls normal school in the provincial Championships in Athletics

Keywords: photography, female students, female athlete ,


杭州商務印書館歡迎廣東中山大學及女子師範參觀本館陳列所留影 Photos of welcoming Guangdong Zhongshan university and girls normal school visit Hangzhou commercial press company

Keywords: photography, female students,


廣東女子師範參觀團各部職員之影 Photo of Guangdong girls normal school visiting group and employees from various department

Keywords: photography,