Funü zazhi
No. 010 (30 September, 1926)
Page: 018 (162 total)

© Courtesy of the Institute of Chinese Studies, Library, Heidelberg University.

歐洲婦人的平和運動, The women s peace movement in Europe

克羅台 Keluotai (mentioned in article), 勃台 Botai (mentioned in article), 威爾遜 Weierxun (mentioned in article), 搿蒲利哀爾拉特齊佛爾伯 Gepuliaier Lateqifoerbo (mentioned in article), 獨拉夢特 Dulamengte (mentioned in article), 穎之 Yingzhi (Translator), 蓬特富爾達 Pengtefukerda (mentioned in article), 阿爾倍爾得馬 Aerbeier Dema (mentioned in article), 馬爾答夢特 Maerda Mengte (mentioned in article),

Keywords: war, Freedom, Europe, women's organizations, women's movements,