Funü zazhi
No. 008 (31 July, 1926)
Page: 051 (166 total)

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避暑時的經過/ 她的扇子, Summer vacation/ Her fan

戚浣馨 Qi Wanxin (Author),

Keywords: scenery, paintings, female students,

避暑時的經過/ 我的江村消夏譚, Summer vacation/ Summer vacation in Jiang Village

如心 Ru Xin (Author), 孫行者 Sun Xingzhe (mentioned in article), 張翼德 Zhang Yide (mentioned in article), 杜子美 Du Zimei (mentioned in article), 武松 Wu Song (mentioned in article), 諸葛孔明 Zhuge Kongming (mentioned in article),

Keywords: travel, magazines, song,