No. 278 (24 March, 1937)
Page: 006 (80 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.

何魏事件的教訓, The Lesson on the Affair of He Kangli and Wei Xuezhen

何康理 He Kangli (mentioned in article), 劉賓如 Liu Binru (mentioned in article), 魏雪珍 Wei Xuezhen (mentioned in article),

Keywords: law, society, woman question,

騙妻簽離婚據:新舊女子的悲哀, A Case of Divorce-Deception: A Tragedy of the Women in the new and the old Society

章廣鑾 Zhang Guangluan (mentioned in article), 許德馨 Xu Dexin (mentioned in article),

Keywords: extramarital affair, Family life/routine, marital relationships, good wife and wise mother, woman question, ethics,