No. 026 (09 September, 1931)
Page: 015 (40 total)

© Courtesy of the Institute of Chinese Studies, Library, Heidelberg University.

引導婦女界的明星, A star leading the women's world

鄭綺霞 Zheng Qixia (Author), 鴻儀 Hongyi (mentioned in article),


快快預定本刊, Subscribe our magazine quickly

Brand: 玲瓏雜誌, The Linglong Magazine

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攝影畫報, Pictorial Weekly

Brand: 攝影畫報, Pictorial Weekly

Keywords: everyday life, Pictorial Weekly, advertisement, youth,


試閱攝影畫報/ 玲瓏雜誌, Samples for Pictorial Weekly and Linglong Magazine

Brand: 攝影畫報,玲瓏雜誌, Pictorial Weekly,Linglong Magazine

Keywords: Pictorial Weekly, Linglong Magazine,