Funü Shibao
No. 017 (01 November, 1915)
Page: 008 (132 total)

© Courtesy of the Institute of Chinese Studies, Library, Heidelberg University.


嚴南璋君與朱淞筠女士新婚攝影/女士為內務總長朱啟鈐君之三女公子 Wedding photo of Mr. Yan Nanzhang and Ms. Zhu Songjun/ The lady is the third daughter of Mr. Zhu Qiqian, cabinet minister of internal affairs

嚴南璋君 Yan Nanzhang jun (depicted on image, mentioned in caption), 朱啟鈐 Zhu Qiqian (mentioned in caption), 朱淞筠女士 Zhu Songjun nüshi (depicted on image, mentioned in caption),