Funü Shibao
No. 017 (01 November, 1915)
Page: 012 (132 total)

© Courtesy of the Institute of Chinese Studies, Library, Heidelberg University.


浙江鐵路建築長濮卓雲與教育家南洋師範瞿保吉婚禮攝影/ 左右侍立二孩左名沈逃禪右名劉文彪為瞿保年先生所撫孤兒 Wedding photo of Mr. Pu Zhuoyun, chief engineer of the Zhejiang railway, and Ms. Qu Baoji, educator /teacher at the Nanyang normal school. Standing beside them are two boys named Shen Taochan on the right, and Liu Wenbiao on the left. They are both orphans adopted by Mr. Qu Baonian

濮卓雲 Pu Zhuoyun (depicted on image, mentioned in caption), 瞿保吉 Qu Baoji (depicted on image, mentioned in caption), 瞿保年 Qu Baonian (mentioned in caption),